“A perfect union”

El segundo dia de actividad comenzo con el analisis de “the bill of rights”. No es mi intencion usar este blog solo como bloc de notas pero, de alguna forma uno de los objetivos es recordarme lo que he oido y discutido aqui.

So for this second day of work first I leave the video of Barack Obama because much of what he says has to do to what I have read and heard in this two last days. 

Then some useful links to go back and revise them:
A summary
Primary Documents in American History
Founders Online is a repository of information about twelve of America’s Founders.
The second session of the day was about the “Education System in US“. R. Cohen gave us a presentation about some facts, reforms, inequalities and issues of ongoing controversy in education here. School are mostly supported at a local level, which implies that if a town is poor the school won’t receive much money and viceversa.

And after lunch we went to Amherst Middle School to meet the moderator of the “Amherst town meeting”. It is not the same in all the states, but here in Massachussets they still have this system”. There is no mayor in Amherst.

The legislative body of the Town of Amherst is a Representative Town Meeting, consisting of 240 elected Town Meeting members, 24 from each of 10 precincts plus 14 ex officio members: the five members of the Select Board, the five members of the School Committee, the President of the Library Trustees, the Chair of the Finance Committee, the Moderator, and the Town Manager. The Annual Town Meeting usually begins in late April or early May.”


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