Freedom of speech: it lets the crazy people reveal themselves

Monday 30th, the lecture was given by Christopher Pyle, and I must say everybody seems to have enjoyed it a lot. He started his presentation with the story of his son Johnathan who in 1996 had been told by his high school that he could not wear a T-shirt featuring the message, “Co-ed Naked Band, Do It To The Rhythm”. Johnathan and his brother Jeffrie “sued the local school committee, claiming the committee’s dress code violated their state free expression rights”. This story led us into a debate about Freedom of speech. C. Pyle one of the primary functions of education is to prepare students for the exercise of civil rights and be active citizen vs passive citizen. Free speech has another function that goes beyond, that is, to persuade to prevent violence. Free speech is connected to dialogic politics that is practised in many forms in America (e.g. policy in America is decided from bottom to top). American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

In the second part of the morning C. Pyle talked about “free speech and national security”. In 1970 he disclosed the military’s surveillance of civilian politics that led to the Watergate era.

Explaining everything he told us about this would take too long, but he promised he will send his speech and then I will copy some of the paragraphs here. Let just say that it was by far very interesting.
A few links more:

The Intelligence Revolution by Christopher Pyle and he suggested the book “Civil Islam: Muslims and Democratization in Indonesia” by Robert W. Hefner.

My conclusion is that Americans are more aware of their rights than we are in Spain or at least that is my perception
After lunch we worked on ESL methodology with Barbara Madeloni and Nicole Graves. What does it mean to learn and to know a language?
Creo que voy a hacer el project final usando material de los Simpsons:


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  1. has tenido una muy good idea, seguro k haces algo original y funny,……….meme

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