New York, New York! I Love New York!

Martes por la tarde, llegamos a NY, estaba previsto llegar antes pero la tormenta a la salida del Capitol en Washington nos ha retrasado bastante y tendremos que dejar la visita a la Statue of Liberty para el viernes. Nada más llegar y ver los edificios a lo lejos me quedé prendada de esta ciudad. En principio no se parece nada a Roma, pero me ha gustado casi tanto como la ciudad del Vaticano, y los que me conocen saben que Roma es mi ciudad favorita.

After two days here, some of the people like more Washington than NY, but I do love it here, I love the buildings and the busy streets. So this city deserves more than one post and I’m going to take some time to write about it. The first thing we did was to go up to the Empire State Building (86 floors high). It was very close to our hotel (called Hotel Metro, in 35 East street, just next to the famous Fith Avenue). I went there with Hisato, Suhad and Jenie.


We were exhausted after Washington, but still Suhad and I walked for more than 4 hours, had a nice burrito in a Mexican and went to “Time Square“, ………… Later, we spent some time in the “terraza” of the hotel from where I took this picture of David. It gives you an idea of how well situated the hotel was. I can only be happy and grateful. To be continued……………

The following unit about New York by Pilar Santos can be of your interest. She was one of the participants in previous year and told me she developed this materials after she took part in the program.


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