NY – Music and Art Deco

Our second day in NY started with a visit to Harlem, we enjoyed the tour with a wonderful guide called Robert. He was a retired actor and knew a lot of curiosities about New York. He had a very clear accent that made it easy; in fact he told us that one of the things he did for a living was teaching immigrants how to speak with a good accent, business people from Asia mainly.

In our way to Harlem; we passed Central Park, too. This is one of the most famous and biggest park in the world, “Central Park covers 843 acres, which is 6% of Manhattan”. Robert explained to us the evolution of Harlem throughout the decades and that at this moment it is a district that is slowly recovering from a depressing time.

When we were in Harlem we walked around and went to a church to listen to a Gospel Choir, everybody sang and danced “Oh Happy day”, of course.

Then, we had lunch in a place that I would recommend if you happen to come to Harlem Sylvia’s restaurant or “Sylvia’s Soul Food“.

Later I went for a walk with David that took me to the Grand Central Station and to The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, that is representative of Art Deco.

In the evening we had tickets for a Show at Shoenfeld Theatre in Broodway, A Chorus Line we enjoyed it a lot, for me the story was a bit boring in the beginning but they were excellent singers and dancers, brilliant!. The only thing that disturbed me there was the air conditioning that it is always very high for me here, even if I have a sweater.

Then, it was raining heavily and we run and run until we entered a Mcdonald.


2 responses to “NY – Music and Art Deco

  1. Girl, you are a never stopping rolling stone!! still impressed by how many things can a girl like you do in the astonishing US… keep me posted when you get back, I’d love taking a beer with you 🙂

  2. J. Guillermo Sánchez

    Saludos Isabel:
    Cuando estuve viviendo allí conocí un lugar muy pintoresco. Perdona que me permita recomendartelo. No sé cuantos días más te quedan en NY. Pero si puedes no dejes de visitar un pequeño restaurante que está en la orilla del río, justo pasado el Brookling Bridge.
    Es espectacular ver como se oculta el sol detrás de los rascacielos de Manhattan a la vez que se iluminan los edificios y los puentes sobre el río.
    It’s a Must! Don’t miss it!
    Si quieres echarle un vistazo antes, esta es su web http://www.rivercafe.com/
    Muchos recuerdos desde Granada y Felices Vacaciones

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