Lost in Newport

I still have more than 6 drafts to post (the days in New York, the final lecture, the project, etc.) But today I feel more like writing a short message on what is going on here in the house. The week went on as fast as usual. On Thursday we presented the projects in which we had been working a lot in the final week. Then, on Friday we had the last lunch with everybody, received some gifts and some nice words from ITD. Then, yesterday most of the people left, the program got to an end. Only six of us are staying for a 10 years reunion with people from the years before.
And as you can imagine, we were all quite sad (maybe not everybody, ;-). Of course we don’t want to stay for ever in this “Newport” land, but we have shared a lot of things, 29 people living in the same house for 6 weeks. Now I understand better the “Big brother” TV Program. It is kind of similar in some aspects.
Today, the six of us left are registering for the 10 years reunion and new people are coming to the dormitory. Most of the people are from Western Europe, which is understable, I think. My floor will be full with people from Spain and from Mexico. Some of them are coming with partners and children. It will be a different meeting.

What else?………….
I’m completing a list with the name of the 29 of us and the place we came from so that we can have a look to where we live and maybe one day we will visit these places.

Lost in Newport is the feeling I have today, Newport is the name of the student dormitory we are staying. I miss everyone,………………………I hope all of them are flying safely home.


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