“if this isn’t good, what is?” and a very nice surprise…

“if this isn’t good, what is?”
(as Kurt Vonnegut’s uncle said to him while he sat beneath a shade tree drinking lemonade one summer)…
I got to know Kurt Vonnegut’s books here in Amherst, I bought a book and then somebody told me he had lived in Northampton and he died last year at age 84. I liked his sense of humour and his critical attitude about his country.

Anyway, I just wanted to post my last story from Amherst. I’m leaving to the airport in one hour and I’m sitting in Amherst Café (having a nice torta Ines Rosales and some tea) for the last time this summer. Three guys are playing and singing and many of us are with the computer or reading a book. I’m going to miss this place, and also my long walks on the campus before breakfast. “if this isn’t good, what is?”

I also wanted to tell you very shortly that as an unexpected culmination of this travel I met the inventor of the WWW two days ago at the MIT in Cambridge, Tim Berners Lee. I didn’t expect him to be there in front of his computer. For me, what is more important about him is his natural and generous attitude, and among other things “he made his idea available freely, with no patent and no royalties due“.

So, “if this isn’t good, what is?”

Time to leave…… Goodbye America,

One of my last pictures of Amherst College


2 responses to ““if this isn’t good, what is?” and a very nice surprise…

  1. Querida Isabel
    Me alegro mucho por lo maravilloso que ha sido este viaje para ti y casi que también estoy triste porque te vas , o vienes , porque es como cuando termino una buena novela que me sabe a poco.
    Te doy las gracias por todo lo que has compartido con tus lectores.
    Cuando estés descansada y tengas ganas de hablar espero tu llamada
    Un abrazo y feliz regreso a casa

  2. Dear Isabel,

    My name is Anna, from Israel. I can easily and perfectly understand your emotions. I was in this program this summer. Yes, this very summer, in this very Amherst. I enjoyed every moment of this full of events program! It was unforgettable informative and enjoyable adventure!
    I also saw your pictures, especially of Amherst where each and every place reminds me something else.
    Thank you for this site, it took me back to wonderful days!

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